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JForm Complete C Cell

Using your JForm C Cell Complete Tool

Thank you for your purchase of the JForm C Cell Complete toolset.  This tutorial will explain how to properly form and press your freeze plugs each and every time.  Please note, that in order to maintain a LIFETIME WARRANTY, all pieces including the freeze plugs are to be thoroughly oiled before using the tools.  We recommend using your favorite gun oil for this.  From left to right the parts are listed in this tutorial as the FLAT PRESS, the ANGLED PRESS, the FREEZE PLUG HOLDER, and the CENTERING SLEEVE.

Step One - Setting up your JForm C Complete

After you have properly oiled all pieces as well as the freeze plugs to be pressed, you will then place a freeze plug onto the freeze plug holder by simply sliding it down onto the tapered end.  The JForm C Complete will only work with the plug in one direction.  Doing so in any other way will void your warranty, and can damage your JForm C Complete as well as plugs.

Step Two - Expanding your freeze plugs

The C Cell Maglite is a few thousandths of an inch larger than the freeze plugs that are used.  We have solved this issue by designing the JForm C Complete to expand the plugs.  Make sure that you do this step before you press your plugs with the angled press.  If done in reverse, your form will not be perfectly centered.  Simply slide the centering sleeve over the freeze plug holder, and then install the flat press.  Using a vise or a press, press the pieces together until unable to press any further. DO NOT OVER PRESS. When you feel resistance and the flat press stops, STOP. If you put too much pressure on the tool, you can damage it.  Remove the flat press and move on to step three. If the plug is stuck on the freeze plug holder, you can tap it off with a drill bit turned backwards and a brass hammer.

Step Three - Forming your freeze plugs

With the sleeve still installed, install the angled press with the pointed nose towards the freeze plug.  Using a vise or a press, press the pieces together until unable to press any further.  Remove the angled press, centering sleeve, and freeze plug.  If the freeze plug is tight onto the tool, take a screwdriver or something similar and insert into the bottom of the freeze plug holder.  Tap lightly with a rubber mallet or block of wood until plug comes off.