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JForm Complete D Cell

Using your JForm D Cell Complete Tool

Thank you for your purchase of the JForm D Cell Complete toolset.  This tutorial will explain how to properly form and press your freeze plugs each and every time.  Please note, that in order to maintain a LIFETIME WARRANTY, all pieces including the freeze plugs are to be thorougly oiled before using the tools.  We recommend using your favorite gun oil for this.  From left to right the parts are listed in this tutorial as the PRESS SLEEVE, the ANGLED PRESS, the FREEZE PLUG SIZER AND HOLDER, and the CENTERING SLEEVE.

Step One - Setting up your JForm D Complete

After you have properly oiled all pieces as well as the freeze plugs to be pressed, you will then place the freeze plug sizer and holder into the press sleeve.  After this step, insert your freeze plug onto the top half where the tool is grooved to fit.  The JForm D Complete will only work with the plug in one direction.  Doing so in any other way will void your warranty, and can damage your JForm D Complete as well as plugs.

Step Two - Forming your freeze plugs

Slide the centering sleeve over the freeze plug sizer and holding tool.  Insert the angled press into the centering sleeve.  Using a vise or a press, press the pieces together until they will not press any further.  After you have pressed them together, remove the angled press, centering sleeve, and remove the freeze plug from the freeze plug sizer and holder.

Step Three - Sizing your freeze plugs

With the D Cell Maglite tubes, you will need to sand and polish each freeze plug until they fit snug into the tube.  To do this you will need to remove the press sleeve from the freeze plug sizer and holder.  Using the hardware provided, install an already pressed freeze plug onto the pressing surface, and tighten the nut down snug but not tight enough to damage the plug.  Install the assembly into a half inch drill chuck.  Using a file or sandpaper, simply turn the drill on and lightly sand the freeze plug.  Take a little off at a time and test fit by sliding the freeze plug into the tube.  The freeze plugs should slide in snug, but not take excess force to remove.