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JForm WIX Complete Tutorial

Using your JForm WIX Complete Tool

Thank you for your purchase of the JForm WIX Complete toolset. This tutorial will explain how to properly form and press your freeze plugs each and every time. Please note, that in order to maintain a LIFETIME WARRANTY, all pieces including the freeze plugs are to be thorougly oiled before using the tools. We recommend using your favorite gun oil for this. The three parts to this product are the ANGLED PRESS, the FREEZE PLUG HOLDER, and the CENTERING SLEEVE.

Step One - Setting up your JForm WIX Complete

After you have properly oiled all pieces as well as the freeze plugs to be pressed, you will then set a freeze plug onto the freeze plug holder portion of the tool. In this step, we will essentially size the freeze plug to fit the WIX tube better. We will cover a few different options, but the most important thing is to make sure you get the plug all the way seated so that the plug expands enough to make a nice fit.

Step Two - Seating the freeze plug

There are a couple methods you can do this step with. The common two methods are 1. Pressing with a vice using a soft block so that you don't mar the outside of the plug or 2. Using a block of wood or similar and tapping the plug down with a hammer. Either method works great but the key to a proper sized plug is to make sure that it seats down uniformly

Step Three - Pressing the plug

With the WIX plugs, its best to use a press but you can still use a vice as long as its heavy duty enough. With the plug properly seated onto the freeze plug holder, slide the centering sleeve over the freeze plug holder. Insert the angled press and place in the vice or press.

Press the components together until the press will not compress anymore. Tip: Mark the press with a permanent marker or tape so that you know how far to press each time.

Once pressed, remove the sleeve from the freeze plug holder, and remove the plug. If necessary, use a soft object to tap the plug if one should get stuck. Usually this means lack of oil.

You are now ready to finish your freeze plugs.  Thank you very much purchase.